Reveille Peak Ranch is north and west of Austin, out near Burnet, TX. The trail is granite which is significantly different from the limestone that you encounter in Austin. There are places where you cannot believe that you can actually grip the rock when you climb, but, amazingly, your tire will "stick" to the granite and climbing is easy. At least that part.

There are plenty of different obstacles and plenty of variance in the trail. Everything from sandy jeep roads to highly technical trail features that only the bravest will tackle. We did not have any flats on our ride, but rumor has it that chances are much higher here; the combination of newer trail and cactus leave you with greater probability.

The pavilion has a view of the small lake and there are showers along with a host of other amenities that one typically does not find on an MTB trail.

Location: Burnet, TX

Directions: Take 183 North towards Burnet. Exit on 29 and go west to TX2431, take that to County 114, turn in and head to the ranch

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Technical Level: Medium to high

Length: 15-20 miles, supposedly up to 60 miles is possible when you add in all of the jeep roads. They continue to add more trails.

Trails: Wide variety of trails, plenty of variety. Very technical in many places; granite rock for most of the trail. Some of the trails are not very clear, it is easy to lose the trail in some place, so keep an eye out at all times.

Trail Map:  Map


Shade:  Much of it is open, will be hot in the middle of summer, so bring plenty of water.

Extras:  Showers, a lake, a pavilion and a small selection of bike parts for sale including tires and tubes.

Fees:  $10 per rider, season passes are also available.

Post Ride Beer:  Victory Hop Devil. Unless you are Weaver, then it is Miller Lite.

Links:  Official Site

GPS File:  GPX Format


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