With close proximity to Brushy Creek, Suburban Ninja is both an add-on to the Brushy Creek trails as well as a destination on its own. There is significant work that continues to be done and the trails continue to expand, so keep an eye on Ninja as it continues to evolve. It's a fast, flowy trail with a brewery and a bike shop at the trail head, what more could you ask for?

Location: Cedar Park, TX

Directions: Take Mopac North to Parmer and then go West on Parmer, into Williamson County. to Whitestone Blvd (FM 1431) and turn into the parking lot near Red Horn Brewery. The trail head is right next to the brewery.

Google Maps location

Technical Level: Low for the trails, medium for the speed

Length: About 6-7 miles of trails today, but lots of legal building activity so expect this to increase. 

Trails: These trails are fast and flowy, you can build up some speed but be sure to keep an eye on the trail as there can be a lot of riders at time. Plenty of berms, not a lot of elevation. There are new trails being added all the time so keep an eye out for changes. Explore! There are berms and features built up to make the ride interesting.

Trail Map:  None available right now


Shade:  Mixed

Extras:  There is a brewery and a bike shop right at the trail head

Fees:  None.

Post Ride Beer:  House United Coffee Stout from Red Horn. It's as smooth as the trails.


The Peddler Bike Shop

Red Horn Brewery

GPX File:



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