Flat Creek is now open year round with an honor box at the saloon, which is good news because there are some great trails here. 

The trails are varied with many interesting challenges. Climbs are rough in some places, but a general variance in the trail condition and composure means that riders need to stay on their toes.

One of the trails that runs along the creek hits two caves, one that is really more of a crevice that is difficult to ride through at high speeds (especially if your bike has pedals...) and the other is an actual cave that the trail runs through. It's only one or two hundred feet in length but because it turns, you can't see the end when you enter into it.

For those that like a technical challenge, there is a lot to love about this place.

Location: Johnson City, TX



Take I-290 west of Austin and turn on RM 3232. Take a right at the T in the road. Once you pass Pedernales Falls State Park, it will be up about a mile or two up on your left.

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Technical Level: medium to high

Length: 7 mile loop plus some extras if you know where to look

Trails: Varied, everything from sand to hardpack to rocks to technical climbs.

Trail Map: Trail map


Shade: Medium

Extras: Creek to swim in when you are done, close to state park

Fees: Varies by event, usually $10 and you'll need to sign a waiver

Post Ride Beer: Fat Tire Ale

GPS File: GPX Format


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