I have a love-hate relationship with bike storage.  There are a million ways to store bikes, and almost all of them are both great and suck at the same time.  The biggest problem when it comes to storing bikes vertically on the wall is that because of the handlebar width, you end up wasting a lot of room.  Steadyrack actually solves this problem and makes it easier to store bikes in a compact manner, getting them off the floor and out of the way.

Product: Steadyrack Bike Hanger

Manufacturer: Steadyrack

Rating (1-10): 9 of 10

Pros: Compact, very heavy duty, flexible

Cons: Expensive, can "grab" some wider knobby tires, making it harder to get the bike out

Configuration: 3 wall mounted on studs

Verdict: Yeah, this one is staying here

Website:  Steadyrack

Review: I have been through a large number of different solutions for mounting bikes to the wall.  Eventually they all let me down. When we reconfigured the garage, I had more workshop space, but less bike storage space.  In researching wall racks I stumbled across Steadyrack. Their racks allow you to hang a bike and then move it from side to side, like the way you might look at carpet samples at a carpet store.  

The movement allows you to store bikes much flatter, against the wall.  It also does away with the biggest issue, the fact that spacing is made worse with handlebars.

Steadyrack allows you to hang bikes on the wall and then swing them over and out of the way.  This allowed me to get them out of the way of the door so we had more clearance - something that the traditional hangers did not allow us to do.

The racks mount into the studs with pretty beefy bolts, and they fold up when not in use.  The bike slip in by the bottom of the wheel, so there is no stress on your spokes like some other hooks.

Overall they are pretty expensive, but in places where you are short on room, they are a lifesaver


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