This is a trail about an hour north of Austin that has a lot of fun for people willing to make the trek up there. The trail feels similar to some of the unnamed trails in Austin that have sweeping turns, roller coasters, switchbacks and other features that make for a fun ride.

There are plenty of different options out there on the trails, we only hit a part of it and managed a 16-mile ride (out and back).

Location: Harker Heights, TX

Directions: Take I-35 north and get off on I-14 headed west. Then Take FM2410 west to Comanche Gap road and follow that all the way into the park.

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Technical Level: 5-7, but there are a variety of trails, you could be very tame or really rip it up depending on your path.

Length: Easily close to 20 miles of trails depending on the route you choose; out and back.

Trails: varied, some are sculpted, feels very much like Austin trails.



We did a total of ~1100 feet of climbing over 16 miles.

Shade:  medium, there are some shaded trails and some exposed that are closer to the water

Extras:  camping and swimming

Fees:  None

Post Ride Beer:  Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet. Maybe a Bit of overkill, but on a hot day it really worked.

Links:  Official site

GPS File:  GPX Format


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