Opened in 2008, this is a great example of local teams working with the park to engage and create a real mountain biking destination that  includes races and events.

Close in proximity to Muleshoe, the conditions are fairly similar, but there is more elevation change, more interesting downhill sections and more trail variance.

Location: Spicewood, TX

Directions: Take TX 71 west, past 620, to RM 2322, which becomes Pace Bend Park Road. Follow that into the park.

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Technical Level: Medium

Length: About 15 Miles; the trail crew keeps adding more trail

Trails: A variety of trails. Limestone ledges, rock gardens, some steeper climbs, lots of trail obstacles will be there until the trails get worked in with lots of riders.

Trail Map: Map


Shade: Average

Extras: Camping and swimming

Fees: $8 per car

Post Ride Beer: Sapporo - you need a Japanese beer when you are eating isoyaki chicken feet!

GPS File: GPX Format


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