Olmos is neatly tucked in the middle of San Antonio - yet another trail that is worth riding if you are already down there, but probably not worth the drive down from Austin.

The park is a maze of twisted singletrack. Even with a guide we we lost a few times, making wrong turns. Frankly, it was almost impossible to follow the trails at some point in the ride. This is a great place to night ride, it would be very challenging in the dark.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Directions: View Google Map

Technical Level: Low

Length: 7-8 miles

Trails: Twisty singletrack, lots of turns, hard to follow in places. Nothing technical, no climbing, no drops, just fast singletrack.

Trail Map: 



Shade: Excellent

Extras: none

Fees: none

Post Ride Beer: Modelo Especial. We rode back down to Brackenridge after our ride and hit the little tex-mex place across the street.

Links: link

GPS File: GPX Format


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